Jan 17

I read somewhere once that all the world is woven out of dreams. I believe that this was meant in a mystical sense at the time. That, somehow, the cognitive states that we have in dreams contain more reality than what we expereince in the day-to-day world, and therefore, what happens there is both more real but also what happens here is somehow a reflection of what happens there (in dreams, that is).

Now, that may or may not be true. Certainly, it is a pretty and poetic thing to think about life in that context (on the face of it, personally, I’m not sure if I would want my dreams to determine my reality-too embarrassing for one thing). However, I do think that we can qualitatively say that our lives are driven by our ambitions and that these ambitions are, in fact, shaped by our dreams. Now, in this sense a dream is something that we are aware of while in the waking world-the dream is something that we perceive in our mind’s eye when there is enough respite in the day to see it.

Perhaps many assume that day-dreams are less valuable than night-dreams because we exert more conscious control over them, this seems to take away from the experience, as though something that is less controlled is more honest and therefore a better model for things as they actually are. But is that the case? A day-dream is no less than one that occurs at night, it’s just that we are active participants in the day-dream. Properly executed, a good dream during waking hours is an excellent lens through which we may examine ourselves as we really see us. Is there fear, anxiety, anger, lust? Certainly, these conditions may prevail on a very cursory level. This is because few of us delve deeper than the shallows of ourselves. If we make an attempt, we can dive deeper and find another world of possibility in the depths of our being. Down below, we find the eidolons of who we are, the models from which we have molded the personas we present to the world.

And then, deeper than that, we find the seed, the pith of our being, something that exists without words and is only itself, and it is the dreamer from which all other things have emanated.

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