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Dec 28

Well, I broke down and have started reading “Twilight” and saw the movie last night. It’s been the latest craze for long enough that it’s not really the latest craze, but instead, has morphed into something more enduring. What happens when latest crazes last for awhile? I suppose that they pass into something of our cultural lexicon, a zeitgeist that informs cutlure as well as being a manifestation of it.

Oh, how I long to write something that could be so well received. I’ve finished a novel, and am trying to find an agent to represent it. I’m also nearing completion on my second book. I have plenty of ideas for books after that-so many, that I’m not sure how or when I’ll ever be able to complete them all. My main concern isn’t finding inspiration (although I certainly respect how important it is to have), but getting what is in m computer out onto a book-shelf and then have it become widely read.

It’s not that I dream of fame for its own sake-I really want readership, that’s all. I just wonder how long it will take to get my stories in front of the public and how much rejection I’ll have to face. I’m starting to find that many of the writers out there got representation a lot faster than I have (I have yet to get it, by the way). I’m pretty thick skinned, but I suppose we all go through our phases of doubt and confidence. I don’t mind the wait (honest!), I just hope that someday I’m lucky enough to be a published writer and that my titles sell well enough to support me and my family.

Persistance is key, methinks. That, and maybe doing a few things that are out of the box. I’m about to start podcasting my first book, which is the main reason I started to have a blog to begin with.

Oh well….


  1. Hey Buddy,
    Don’t despair, persistance and advertising. Look up live journal, a lot of aspiring writers are flocking there to get read. It is a good place to get the buzz going about your work and what you are about.

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