Dec 28

Whew! Well, the Christmas holidays are nearly over, and while there is still New Year’s Eve and Day ahead, there is, of course, not nearly so much pent up expectation, rushing or any other holiday madness to go with it. I almost think we indulge in largesse on New Year’s Eve to really let out the dementia that is November-December (you can almost imagine Thanksgiving all the way to New Year’s as one, semi-continuous season of excess).

Anyway, while there is plenty I would like to write about, I find that I am utterly exhausted and want to have more clarity than I currently have when I scribe something even resembling blog-worthy tale-telling with my virtual pen. Thus, for the nonce, I fall into the category of journalling here, publicly for all to see, rather than exhibiting something I hope will titilate (did I say that?) the reader.

Well, at least I haven’t posted something about my pet cats. Nothing more annoying in the world than inane blogs where the blogger posts jpegs of themselves and their pets that they believe grants them parent-status. I have three kids, I know what I’m talking about! Part of why I’m so dang tired is because I can’t seem to get the childrens to bed at a decent hour. It’s just now quiet in my house and I’m so beat, about all I can manage at this point (I did my compulsory work on my current novel) is a glass of whiskey and some mindless television -or mindful television that I will watch mindlessly.

Wait a minute, am I ranting? I better stop now before I embarass myself…

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