Jan 22

The beginnings of things are undefined, they are a singluar point from which everything else emanates. At pure beginning things are in their most incipient state-the position at which things transpose from the realm of thought and idea into the physical universe. You could say that all we really have of things are their ideas, that only as we can imagine things do they endure. The beginning is a timeless time because of this, it has all potentialities, as no path other than manifestation has been chosen.

When we conceive of an idea, very often the end result is extremely different than what we at first imagined. In our mind’s eye something takes form and rouses us to work and develop it. It is as though the idea were a living thing that demands to be born that requires life from us. It changes as its shape alters to fit in our universe-as it descends from the altitudes of thought into the depths of formation, it changes to suit the conditions of reality as opposed to imagination. And with human hands, we grasp some part of eternity and render it approachable….

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