Feb 19

A day is full of time, things and places. A day is full of our experiences as it occurs. Throughout, as simple as a cup of coffee or complex as abstract thoughts we conceive in inspired moments. A day is an interval in which things happen and have their place and time. Encapsulated within the finitudes of dawn and dusk, transpiring there are our lives laden with experiences all the more profound for them being humble and obscure. A silent time spent at a book store, wandering aimlessly, looking at covers, sipping on wonderfully bitter dark coffee from far-off sunburnt lands. Days are conversation and activity, days are movement and transaction. Days are people apart from the ones they know and with those that are new or old and yet strangers, those not of blood or village-these daytimes spent in the cities where we work and then go home after toil to those we know and have not seen while the sun rose and peaked and descended again.

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Feb 18

When we depart we are what we were. When we return, we are what we have become. Departure and return are the conditions of human life and process. When we depart, wherever we go-another land, the depths of oursevles-what we were before leaving immediately becomes who we were. The journey, no matter how short, changes us. But what is more, our absence, no matter how brief, means that the place we have departed from has also changed.

Upon return, we bring back what we have learned. How things have gifted us with the transformations of the world, and these we bear back to those who meet us, strangers and friends, for the gifts are dispensed for all to share and and are free. Experience is the common property of us all…

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Feb 04

Light illuminates the world around us. Revelations are delivered through the medium of light and it is through light that all realizations are made. Light penetrates all things, making them known. Though there are unfathomable leagues of darkness it cannot overcome a single candle. Light cannot be created or destroyed. Light can be bent but not stopped. All things are made of light moving at different speeds. The faster we become the closer to light we are the slower time becomes. Light and time and space intersect infinitely and from here all things emanate and to this all things ultimately returned until the cosmos is completed and darkness and cold and all the light is still there it is just elsewhere and there things are all made of light.

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Feb 03

The first fire was stolen long ago, all the stories say so. Fire was kept in Heaven, and we weren’t meant to have it. Fire was for Gods alone. But Men aspire to be Gods and steal fire to the Earth. Fire burns wood, fire smelts metals, fire bakes clay. The first sword man beheld was a sword of fire. All weapons are made with fire. Life can dwell in the earth, the water and the air, but not in the fire. Fire destroys life but life cannot live without fire. Fire is light and warmth. Fire keeps the night at bay and the beasts yield to it and those who wield it. Families gather around a fire and eat, and tell stories and play music. Fires are hearths, the focus is the fire. Without fire there is no family, no tribe, no people. All the cities that are first gathered around the fire. Fire is transient and comes into and goes out of the world, while the air, water and earth are continual in their presence. Fire is made with the hands but first comes from the mind-and it is with thoughts that the first fire was taken, with daring and consequence.

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Feb 02

Living things breathe. Breath is life. Dead things are breathless. Breath is spirit, all the old languages say so, their word for spirit and for air are the same: Ruach, Pneuma. The air we breathe is spirit, it is the spirit of the world. We breathe the same air our ancestors did, it is the same breath that all of humanity has had since the dawn of man in this world and in the timeless time before that. The breath of the world is the breath of spirit, the breath of God speaking our souls into our bodies, jars of clay made animate by this, the unspoken word of that which speaks in all things. The same breath is inhaled by all living creatures and was since long ago when eternity began in starlit halls that we do not yet know while the breath is in us. When we breathe God is in us.

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