Feb 19

A day is full of time, things and places. A day is full of our experiences as it occurs. Throughout, as simple as a cup of coffee or complex as abstract thoughts we conceive in inspired moments. A day is an interval in which things happen and have their place and time. Encapsulated within the finitudes of dawn and dusk, transpiring there are our lives laden with experiences all the more profound for them being humble and obscure. A silent time spent at a book store, wandering aimlessly, looking at covers, sipping on wonderfully bitter dark coffee from far-off sunburnt lands. Days are conversation and activity, days are movement and transaction. Days are people apart from the ones they know and with those that are new or old and yet strangers, those not of blood or village-these daytimes spent in the cities where we work and then go home after toil to those we know and have not seen while the sun rose and peaked and descended again.

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