Mar 07

Spring begins after a day of night of equal length. The two are the same for one brief moment, of lengths meeting and intersecting the contemplation of darkness and the inspiration of light. Then, after, with one now longer than the other for a time, are new growths springing forth. The seeds planted in shadow and time grow out, delicate at first and strong later in other seasons. That which is now, cavorts its life and claims the mandates of the earth to create others in its own likeness shared with that of others. A diffuse alchemy permeates all those that are tenants of the world and allows them to colorfully and avidly spread across its body’s furthest reaches. This is so for all things, not just animals and plants but ideas and actions and events find their origination here given the greatest strength in the time of the tide that is in accord with the Earth and its planetary dreaming, that is life in all its array of those that live and their actions.


  1. rehuxley /

    I was wanting to do a blog post on spring but was struggling what direction to take it. You did it well. Thanks!

  2. Peter Ristuccia /

    Anytime, thanks for reading!

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