Apr 09

I’ve made some choices. We all have. Some of them were good, and some of them were bad. I knew the good ones were good when I made them and I knew the bad ones were bad when I made them. But I did it anyway. With bad and good there are consequences, and not necessarily matching ones. Often, when I’ve done the right thing, something very undesirable was my reward. Often, when I’ve done the wrong thing, I was gratified. These are the conditions that define us. It’s what occurs afterwards that shapes what is to be. We make decisions about who we are and in the end it is up to us. Good and bad are both rewarded and punished, at different times. But as time passes and we see the effects these have in the world about us, we decide if we are to be conscious and responsible for our actions, or unconscious and enacting whatever behavior seems appropriate for the occasion. This is the difference between being an animal and a human being. Freedom is liberating, it is true. But, perhaps taken to its logical conclusion, freedom should also be terrifying as it is dangerous. And then, from fear, respect may naturally follow.

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