May 20

A name is a title, an appellation, but something more than this. A name says who we are and what a thing is. When a name is given to something, it is defined and given limits. Definition and limitations aren’t necessarily a bad thing, they enable us to make sense of the world about us; in a very real sense, a name is a measure.

But there are things that are without measure, concepts that, in the full flight of our minds and the cosmos about us, do not have definition-that are, in fact, defined by being limitless in quality. Names attempt to convey this and for awhile succeed. As time progresses, these become defined by the past, by a place in history that, as it becomes, shows what once was thought to be limitless, only to find there were further thresholds beyond the wakes of an older world. And new names are coined for the expanded frontiers that, in time, will also having been well explored become relabeled by what is beyond them. What is without limit is always new, and always new words are its creation.

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May 17

Green is the shade under the trees and wind shimmering between the leaves. A time alone for thinking, away for the silence, profound, of forests and older sounds. Inside of green we breathe, and take in the world. Green is inbetween the stones and our flesh, and is the color of charity. It gives itself freely to us and all creatures that ambit upon the earth. Green, abundant, and full of force, breaks through the earth and relentless, over times geological, it thrusts over the world the things that are. Being green is in keeping the earth and trusts ancient for all of humanity, since first we encountered the fruits of trees.

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May 01

Gold is the proper name for this color, though a shade of yellow, it speaks of its crowning intent, ennobling, the essence of the sun. All gold comes from the stars, gentle and oblique. Everything comes to this, the heart of things and the center of ourselves. When, in giving up everything we have the best part of eternity. Leaves changing and all that is valued for it only being what it is. Gold is what turns the wheels, between the poles of idea and what is. Both, infinite and everlasting. Gold is light and warmth before, in between and after.

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