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Nov 08

Things that are forming come from what has already formed. Everything that is came from what was before. Everything that is yet to be will come from today (or tomorrow, as the case may be). When I was a lad there was a vast maze cut in the hedges before me-as I wandered through and looked behind I was astonished to find a straight line where I had been. Which was the truth of it-the curving and wayward cuts and turns or the simple and sublime linearity? I think that, somehow, all things that could have happened did happen, and I’m living in the chain of circumstance that is most pertinent-while I am also in all the other events each for its own face.

I read a book, its chapters were out of order-it was chopped and put together-the beginning in some anonymous section, the beginning somewhere else in the story. There was more story after the end happened towards the end, but still somewhat in the middle. This is how it is, this is how it really is. Stories are like that, measurements come out later, in spooling, mathematical iterations. But the thing is, we talk that way. We talk that way because it’s the way it is.

When I was a lad I shared with my peers and many seemed confident about making their way. Many were afraid. I saw some of each go into the past direction, behind, I don’t think they are here any more. But I’ve heard they may come back-or not. There were others, but too few, that seemed to have made a trail-with string, with bird crumbs, with just dumb luck (that was me, too). There are ways that we think they have to be, if only because everyone who went before us did it that way-at least, in my family. And well, excuse me, but yours too. I wish I could say I thought it was intentional.


  1. Order is a figment of the past.

  2. Thanks Aal-yes, that was some of what I meant to convey.

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