The Last Chapter of My Second Book

Mar 21

Chapter Thirty

            The Party is a little boring tonight. It’s one of those dazes when, the people are there, there is plenty of alcohol and other things, decent music is playing. But it’s still boring, and everyone there is just there and they’re not really sure why.

            I check my cell-phone. Nope, no calls.

            Jerry is dressed in some sort of fur-coat and sips on champagne while a guest-someone that looks human but I understand is actually a robot-regales him with a story. I’m not sure what it is with Jerry and Visitors lately, I guess it’s his thing at the moment. When the Visitor walks off, Jerry glances my way. His face is inscrutable, eyes beneath mirror lens shades. He nods imperceptibly, it is okay to approach.

            “Selena, my dear. I’m so glad you’ve returned from your-should I call it an adventure? It sounds so banal.”

            I smirk. “Adventures are for the petty bourgeoisie Jerry. They need to have uncomplicated stories with happy endings.”

            “So true.  So true. But,” he sips his champagne. “we’re not so sentimental are we?”

            “Oh no, not at all.” I reply and sip my own drink, a gin and tonic. We look at each other silently for a few seconds. “Jerry?”


            “Can I ask you a question?”

            “Certainly, my dear. What troubles you to ask?”

            “Well, the Visitor, the Blue Rose that turned out to be Roses, the Design you sent me to-did you do all of that, knowing what would happen? Were you trying to help those people in that other world?”

            Jerry sniffs, my directness is a breach of his etiquette. I knew that, but my desire to know the answer was greater than my social inhibitions. He places a hand on my shoulder and takes another drink-a deep one this time. “You see my Party? It’s boring tonight-it can’t always be good. Everyone is lagging and serious. But at other times, the Party is full of noise, life and playful madness. I told you once that my Party sustained this world, that as long as the Party lasts, this world will remain.” He pauses. “But, there are some worlds where my Party has been interrupted, where I am no longer there to throw the Party, and the poor souls there will never know the joy of being in or excluded from it. I think that’s a terrible shame, don’t you? People shouldn’t be deprived of me. So I needed to arrange things more to my liking. And there you have it. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I need to refill my glass.” And with that, he glides away.

            I check my cell again, no calls.

            Emma approaches me, a little excited despite the boredom. The guys have been giving her a lot of attention. I can see why-her new outfit is tight leather, a short jacket, stiletto heels. Her long hair is in a ponytail. The trademark Union Jack is a patch on the jacket. “I’m glad I came! This is fun!” she says.

            I smile. “I’m surprised you did.” Jerry let her in, saying it was the least he could do, considering he shot her full of rounds and almost killed her.

            “Ahh. I need to know the lay of the land, Selena.” Emma says. “But, um, you ready to go? I can see you want to leave and I’m not about to stay here by myself.”

            “Yeah. I got what I needed. Let’s go home.”

            We bike back to Virginia Highlands. I bought the bungalow from Heather’s dad. I didn’t want to-but I needed a place for us all to stay and I was already there and he wanted to dump the property as soon as possible. I’ll need to hit Jerry up for another job soon, but I can worry about that later.

            I can hear Monty Python before we enter the house. Oh brother, I’ll be so glad when he gets off this kick.

            Midi is sitting on the couch, chuckling at the TV and sipping on some wine. The cell-phone is next to him on the arm-rest. Just in case. I’m sure we’re safe, but better to play it safe. He hasn’t fully recovered, and neither of us knows how long that will take.

            “How was the Party?” Midi asks.

            “Boring.” I answer, and join him on the couch.

            “I think I have something to do.” Emma says with a wry smile on her face, and disappears to her room.

            I lean on Midi, and he puts an arm around me. The scent of coriander fills me, as my head cradles against his neck.

            “Midi, I have something to ask you.” I say.

            “Yes?” he responds.

            “Can we watch something else?”

            Midi laughs. “Of course.”



  1. I am always amazed at how we writers adopt opposite sex persona when we write. I personally am much happy with a male viewpoint. I am intrigued by the characters, but truly, there’s not enough here to understand what’s going on. What’s the Blue Rose? What makes the party dull? And I think the ending is supposed to be a joke, but we really need to know more about the characters, I think, to get it. So instead of ending here, make something go beyond, really explore what it is you want this to say.

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