Jul 09

The world around us makes sense if we look at it-but the question arises, did it make sense before we examined its parts and whole? We know the stories of stars, how they came to be born and how they will die. All determined by our exquisite mathematics in linear progression but there are always surprises and thus new iterations of the same old story.

Our lives no less than this. We find tales within ourselves, a meaning inside of events that on the face of themselves are a fusion of design and circumstance. I learned a long time ago that humanity remembers mythology but not history. Are our own lives, history in the personal, events in the small, no less? It is a difficult thing to extract narrative from event and to look at what has happened, is happening, will happen without our own projections, to stand aside and not only see matters from another’s view, but impartial, outside, like a Deist’s divine watchmaker who observes events without precipitating cause or outcome. Perhaps what happens in our lives, the world and the universe is both of a personal and impersonal nature. An extreme causes the appearance of its opposite. Things happen by accident but everthing happens for a reason. We foist meaning upon life when there is no inherent value aside from what we choose to see-but upon observing, the witness causes a shift, a change occurs and suddenly it is full of meaning. It means something to us, and that is of the greatest importance.

Everyone carries a universe inside of themselves, a personal reality shared when it is spoken of, written about, its likeness painted on canvas. The shared efforts converge and become a common reality, one in which we see ourselves and everyone else reflected-not always acurately, sometimes as though in a fun house mirror-and from this the world is made. Given this, surely the most important thing in the universe is each other-by knowing others we can know ourselves, a greater story of who we are because it is written by another, even distortions give insight and pause for reflection.  And so, everything is interconnected by our thoughts and our words.

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